In response to high bandwidth applications such as 4k video, online gaming, and cloud storage networking, operators are being forced to upgrade their access networks to accommodate these services.  Optical access technology is clearly seen as the best way to achieve the bandwidth, long term OPEX, and reliability that these types of services require.

To support this rapidly increasing bandwidth demand in the access part of the network, Source Photonics offers a complete portfolio of optical interfaces for access applications. The product offering covers the full range of applications, from GPON that is being deployed today in vast volumes globally, to the emerging market for access based on 10Gb/s NG-PON standards.  In addition to optical transceivers and sub-assemblies for application in both the central office and the customer premises equipment, Source Photonics has developed fixed broadband equipment products with higher levels of integration and functionality for cost-effective upgrades and in support of business applications. This includes products supporting the distributed access architecture favored by the cable service providers.

With our in-house device technology and advanced optical component manufacturing capability, Source Photonics’ comprehensive suite of solutions enables equipment manufacturers and service providers to respond to the rapid growth in access bandwidth demand.