Source Photonics Unleash New Frontiers with Latest Portfolio Solutions for Data Center Interconnects, Optical Transmission, Wireless Fronthaul and PON Access at OFC 2023

February 24, 2023 08:00 PST | Source: Source Photonics Inc

West Hills, CA – Feb. 24, 2023 – Source Photonics, a leading global provider of innovative and reliable technology solutions that enable high-speed communications and data connectivity, today announced the details of its participation at the 2023 Optical Networking and Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC’23), the largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals.

OFC - The future of optical networking and communications

Visit Source Photonics at OFC 2023

OFC 2023 will be held March 05 – 09, 2023

Source will be in Booth #3029, located in San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA, USA

Visit Source Photonics’ booth to see the latest technology demonstrations spanning from 10G to 800G and 1.6T interconnects between data centers, optical transmission, wireless base station and PON access. Source will show product demonstrations of its recently announced award-winning 100G QSFP28/SFP-DD/SFP112, 400G QSFP-DD/OSFP/QSFP112 and 800G OSFP/QSFP-DD800 platform solutions, of its SiPho based 800G DR8/8+ products (partner with Silux Technologies), and of its tunable 10G SFP+, tunable 25G SFP28 and analog CDR based SFP56 Bidi technologies targeting wireless fronthaul. In addition, Source Photonics will showcase its complete PON family of XGS, 25G and 50G products.

Entering a new frontier with vertical integration model, Source Photonics will demonstrate its own developed InP 100GBaud EMLs based TOSA devices for 200G per lane PAM4 to enable the upgrade to 800G transceivers based on the 4x200G optics of today and 1.6T transceivers based on the 8x200G optics of tomorrow for the explosive growth in high-speed datacenter connectivity.

Source Photonics will participate in the OIF multi-vendor interoperability demonstration, the largest ever with more than 34 participating companies globally. Source Photonics will show various live demos with 400G and 800G products at OIF Booth# 5101 in three areas – 400ZR, CEI-112 & CEI-224 and CMIS implementations. Source Photonics unveil new Full Spectrum 400ZR coherent transceivers, and will join OIF 400ZR plugfest and live demo to establish and expand the 400ZR eco-system.

Additional demonstrations of Source’s 800G OSFP and QSFP-DD800 product family will take place in Broadcom Booth #6425, showing interoperability with multiple industry switch ASIC and transceiver vendors over optical and electrical links.

OIF at OFC 2023 Booth #5101


Presentation and Panel Highlights:
Source will participate in the following sessions during the OFC week:

OFC M2H Panel: Connectivity for Beyond 5G: How Can Wireline and Wireless Optical Access Live Up to the Mobile Expectations?

Date: Mon. Mar 6, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Location: Room 7AB
Moderator: Frank Chang, CTO


OFC W3D Technical Session: Modulators and Transceivers

Date: Wed. Mar 8, 14:00 p.m. – 16:00 p.m.
Location: Room 6C
Presider: Frank Chang, CTO


Workshop S2A: IPEC Overview of Optoelectronic Technology and Industry Standards in the Cloud Era

Date: Thurs. Mar 9, 13:30 p.m. – 14:30 p.m.
Location: Theater II
Moderator: Frank Chang, CTO


About Source Photonics:

Source Photonics is a leading provider of innovative and reliable optical communications technology that enables communications and connectivity in datacenters, metro, and access networks. We add value to our customers by developing next-generation solutions that enable their growth by meeting the rapidly increasing demands of cloud infrastructure, wireless communications, routing, and fiber-to-the-premises applications worldwide. Source Photonics has key R&D and manufacturing facilities in California, Taiwan, Chengdu, and Jintan, China.

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