Source Photonics Reveals Silicon Photonics 400G DR4 Transceivers for Hyperscale Data Center Networks at OFC 2022


The Silicon-Photonics technology provides a critical path to enable better cost efficiency for high volume manufacturing of 400G transceivers


San Diego, California, – March 7, 2022 – Source Photonics, a leading vendor of innovative and reliable optical connectivity products for hyperscale data center and optical transmission applications, today announced the sampling of its Silicon-Photonics 400G DR4 QSFP56-DD products at OFC 2022 from March 6-10.

The Silicon-Photonic 400G DR4 transceivers are designed to work seamlessly with Source Photonics’ industrial leading pump laser chip. It exceeds the specifications for IEEE 802.3bs 400GBASE-DR4 optical interface and 400GAUI-8 electrical client interface. It supports links over 500m and 2km for breakout into 100GBASE-DR1 and 100GBASE-FR1. It leverages the 7nm DSP with 8W typical power consumption and is packaged into type 2 QSFP-DD form-factor with MPO-12 connector.

“Successful demonstration of Silicon Photonics 400G DR4 transceiver is a significant milestone on our path of product release. Source Photonics has proven its technical leadership in the datacenter market.” said Frank Chang, Chief Engineer, and Head of the CTO office at Source Photonics. “Together with our partners in the industry, we are thrived to bring high reliability and compelling cost per bit solution to our customers worldwide.”

Source Photonics will show error-free traffic on EXFO 400G/800G testers, please visit EXFO booth no. #4517 to see the live traffic demo of our Silicon-Photonics 400G DR4 optical transceivers.

Source Photonics is accepting orders for sample now.

With new addition of Silicon-Photonics 400G DR4 and DR4+ transceivers, Source Photonics’ 400G transceiver portfolio of Datacenter and Routing products includes:

  • 400G DR4 (SiPh) supporting 400GE links over 500m and 2km with support for breakout into 100GBASE-DR1/FR1
  • 400G-DR4 (EML) supporting 400GE links over 500m as well as an enhanced reach of up to 2/10km (4x100G-FR/LR) with support for breakout into 100GBASE-DR1/FR1/LR1
  • 400G-FR4 supporting 400GE links up to 2 km
  • 400G-LR4 supporting 400GE links up to 6km/10km
  • 400G LR8 supporting 400GE links up to 10km
  • 400G ER8 supporting 400GE links up to 40km


Visit Us at OFC 2022 exhibition
Source Photonics will be participating in OFC’s exhibition this year and will showcase a live demonstration of its new Silicon Photonics DR4 transceivers with EXFO’s 400G/800G optical testing solutions at Booth #4517. The OFC exhibition is taking place March 8-10, 2022

About Source Photonics:
Source Photonics is a leading provider of innovative and reliable optical communications technology that enables communications and connectivity in datacenters, metro, and access networks. We add value to our customers by developing next-generation solutions that enable their growth by meeting the rapidly increasing demands of cloud infrastructure, wireless communications, routing, and fiber-to-the-premises applications worldwide. Source Photonics has key R&D and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Chengdu, and Jintan, China.  For more information about Source Photonics, please visit

For more information about Source Photonics, please visit

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