Source Photonics Announces Commercial Availability of a Full PON Product Portfolio at OFC 2022


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San Diego, California, – March 8, 2022 – Source Photonics, a global leading supplier of innovative and reliable optical connectivity products for Access and Datacom applications, announces today the availability of its full Passive Optical Network (PON) Product Portfolio for OLT and ONU solutions at OFC 2022, the premier event in fiber communications and networking – take place from March 6-10, 2022 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of global broadband subscribers increases rapidly and the demand for 10G PON in the access networks continues to grow. Omdia predicts that global PON optical device revenue will reach $12 billion by 2026; From 2020 to 2026, the compound annual growth rate will be 10%. According to BBT’s latest data, 9.8 million 10G (all 10G PON types) OLT ports have been shipped since 2011, and more than 51 million GPON OLT ports have been shipped.

Build upon its past success on GPON and EPON deployments, since September 2021, Source Photonics has officially launched new generation of full portfolio PON products using in-house vertically integrated optical chips and optics assembly. Currently, the close cooperation with global leading equipment manufacturers is on-going smoothly, in particular, XGSPON OLT E2 and Combo OLT Class D transceiver solutions incorporates the in-house developed EA-DFB Laser monolithically integrated with SOA supporting highest link budget for up to 40km reach. All these newly developed products are under rigorous qualification process by major customers worldwide.

Source Photonics practices a vertical integration business model. Empowered by its dual chip fabs in Hsinchu, Taiwan and Jintan, Jiangsu, the company has the capability of manufacturing and shipping laser chips, for advantages in cost, quality, and capacity. 10G 1577nm EML, 2.5G /10G 1270nm DFB, 2.5G 1310nm DFB, 2.5G 1490nm DFB and 2.5G/10G APD have run into mass production, supporting the complete PON product portfolio including 10G PON and GPON for enabling F5G deployment.

Source Photonics has successfully developed 10G ONU optical modules and 10G BOB series based on its own 2.5G/10G 1270nm DFB and 10G APD chips. On OLT side, Source Photonics developed 10GEPON OLT, XGSPON OLT and XG(S)PON Combo OLT optical module based on its internal designed 10G 1577 EML chips and all above products have entered mass production.

Further down the road, operators gradually upgrade their existing 1/10G PON infrastructure to 25G and 50G for achieving rapid cost recovery through the coexistence of PON technologies and ODN reuse. John Wang, CEO at Source Photonics, said, “The company keep pace with innovative development in high-speed optical chips to support the development and commercialization of high-speed PON products such as 25G/50G. Source Photonics will continue to provide customers a full portfolio of 10G PON OLT and ONU optical modules and devices with high reliability and cost-effectiveness. We have demonstrated once again to become the technology leader in PON access market”.


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Source Photonics will be participating in OFC’s exhibition and will showcase its full PON Product Portfolio at Booth #2901. The OFC exhibition is taking place March 8-10, 2022

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