Source Photonics Announces Broad Expansion of High-Speed Datacenter and Routing Product Offerings


San Diego, CA – March 4, 2019 – Source Photonics has added a wide range of new products to its industry-leading portfolio of single-mode products for datacenter and routing applications.  The new products leverage the company’s multi-year investment in 28Gbaud and 53Gbaud PAM4 developments and support applications such as the 400G DR4, FR4 and LR8, 100G DR/FR, and 50G LR and ER. Source Photonics is accepting orders now for production shipments in the second quarter of 2019.

In addition, Source Photonics also announces the availability of its second-generation 100G QSFP28 CWDM4. This solution leverages its best-in-class manufacturing process developed to scale 400G volumes. Coupled with 100G LAN-WDM expansion from LR4 to OTU4, 4WDM-40, and i-temp products, Source Photonics is able to offer a full portfolio of products to Cloud, Telecom, and Enterprise operators and OEMs.

Development of novel manufacturing technologies and substantial investments support the company’s >1 million units’ annual capacity for the 50G to 400G product lines, meeting the increasing demand of large-scale customers.

“Source Photonics led the market deployment of small form-factor 10 km products for several generations,” says Ed Ulrichs, Director of PLM at Source Photonics. “The performance of our advanced 50G, 100G and 400G PAM4 based products prove our technical and production capabilities to lead scale of the entire 500m to 40 km portfolio.”

Source Photonics’ portfolio of Datacenter and Routing products include:

  • 400G LR8 supporting 400GE links up to 10 km; the platform is expandable to support 400G-ER8 for 400G links up to 40 km by 2020
  • 400G DR4 supporting 400GE links for 500m as well as enhanced reach of up to 2 km; the platform supports breakout into 100G-DR/FR as well as high-density 100GE links
  • 400G FR4 supporting 400GE links up to 2 km over duplex single-mode fiber
  • 400G SR8 supporting 400GE links up to 100m (OM4) over multi-mode fiber
  • 100G DR/FR supporting single-channel 100G connectivity and supporting breakout from 400G DR4
  • 100G LR4 supporting 100GE links up to 10 km with support for Ethernet only and OTU4 as well as enhanced performance for E-temp and I-temp applications
  • 100G 4WDM-40 supporting 100GE links up to 40 km with Ethernet only and OTU4 support
  • 100G CWDM4 supporting 100GE links up to 2 km over duplex single-mode fiber
  • 100G SR4 supporting 100GE links up to 100m (OM4) over multi-mode fiber

Source Photonics’ cutting-edge technology will be exhibited at OFC 2019 from March 5-7, at San Diego Convention Center. A live traffic demonstration of its latest 400G-ER8, 400G-LR8 and 400G-DR4 QSFP-DD solutions, as well as its 100G-FR and 50G-ER QSFP28, can be seen at the Source Photonics booth #4021. To place your orders, please visit or call Sales at 818-773-9044.


About Source Photonics:
Source Photonics is a leading provider of innovative and reliable optical communications technology that enables communications and connectivity in datacenters, metro, and access networks. We add value to our customers by developing next-generation solutions that enable their growth by meeting the rapidly increasing demands of cloud infrastructure, wireless communications, routing, and fiber-to-the-premises applications worldwide. Source Photonics has key R&D and manufacturing facilities in California, Taiwan, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Jintan, China.  For more information about Source Photonics, please visit



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