Source Photonics is seeking highly talented and motivated individuals to join our strong workforce. If you are passionate about contributing your knowledge and skills and in working on big challenges and great products that will have a big impact in one of the most important and fastest growing industries right now, please check out our current job openings.

ATE Engineer

Job Description

1. Maintain and upgrade the test system.

2. Join new product projects development.
3. Solve the problems related to software and hardware met on the production line.


Job Requirements

1. Good coding capability and style for LABVIEW language and data base application development
2. Good knowledge of software design and document writing.
3. Strong debugging capability to solve the problems found on the production line.
4. Bachelor’s degree or above, communications, computer, electronic, automatic or other equivalent major.
5. Good knowledge in instrument or equipment communication.
6. Basic knowledge about optics, TOCAN, OSA or Transceiver.
7. A good team worker.
8. Good Command of English.

Product and Process Engineer

Job Description

1. Opto-electronics devices and components packaging and testing;

2. Next Generation High speed OSA product and process development;
3. New product introduction engineering;
4. Product yield improvement;
5. Routing time improvement;
6. Production flow improvement;
7. Process integration;
8. SPC/FMEA/GRR/OEE/problem solving/kaizen.


Job Requirements

1. Master degree.
2. ME/EE/automation/control engineering/optical-electronics engineering/physics.
3. Ability of English reading/writing/communication.

Optical Transceiver Module Engineer

Job Description

1. Responsible for 100G and 400G Optical Transceiver product development.

2. Design of optical transceivers operating at 100 Gb/s and beyond.
3. Generate electrical schematics including the RF-signal-path and control interfaces.
4. Work closely with opto-mechanical designers to integrate the design into the final package.
5. Optical transceiver performance evaluation (using DCAs, BERT, Pattern Generators, Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzer).
6. Verification of prototypes and generate EVT reports.
7. Failure mode analysis and trouble-shooting for yield improvement.


Job Requirements

1. 5+ years of relevant optical transceiver industry experience.
2. Experience in high-speed electrical circuit design, layout and test.
3. Master degree or above.
4. ME/EE/optical-electronics engineering/physics/automation/control engineering.