Source Photonics is seeking highly talented and motivated individuals to join our strong workforce. If you are passionate about contributing your knowledge and skills and in working on big challenges and great products that will have a big impact in one of the most important and fastest growing industries right now, please check out our current job openings.

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Job Description

The chief mechanical engineer is responsible for the technical supervision and control of product development, production and field return handling; At this phase of company’s development, it is also the chief mechanical engineer’s focus to stablish basic fundamentals from a product design kickoff to general availability from design, supply chain to manufacturing; Developing talents is the third key elements of this position;

Key Responsibilities

  • Review, evaluate and sign off mechanical design of key platform.
  • Lead design of top strategic NPDs in collaboration with other part of the design in either a TO, OSA or a transceiver.
  • Provide timely technical support requested by design teams throughout a product Life Cycle.
  • Maintain right level of resources to be put into research programs as needed on basic principles of mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, metallurgic study etc.
  • Review and evaluate manufacturing processes and equipment related to mechanical parts to establish a roadmap of continuous improvement.
  • Review, evaluate and sign off key tooling and jig design.
  • Review current mechanical testing and measuring system at Taiwan, Chengdu and US headquarter. Propose a roadmap for alignment. Assure product quality by designing testing methods, confirming assembly process etc.
  • Keep informed of the industry standards.
  • Have deep understand of top suppliers to maintain knowledge on supply side of capability.
  • Visit customers to keep abreast with customer needs and market trend.
  • Actively participate and lead the efforts on mechanical side when there is a major RMA to ensure customers are served first.
  • Develop overall company’s capability in mechanical design.
  • Maintain a knowledge and product data base per company requirement.
  • Provide training to the organization, share best practice and not-recommended design cases.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending seminars, workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, participating in professional societies etc.

Technical Qualifications

  • 10-year experience on mechanical design in optical device industry is preferred; Familiar with optical adaptor/connector and TRX MSA.
  • 5 to 10-year experience on OSA mass production process, include the optical components alignment, laser welding and epoxy process.
  • (Leo Add) Familiar with precision mechanical part’s tolerance, assembly and produce process, as well as its measurement method.
  • Familiar with different optical mechanical platform design include TO, XMD and Micro optical bench, experience on GD&T analysis.
  • 5 to 10-year experience of OSA alignment fixture, jig design. And has strong modeling/analysis capability on fixture/Jig precision and repeatability.
  • Familiar with metallic materials characters, have experience on material strengthens and deform analysis
  • Experience on design of high volume production OSA.
  • Proficient on accurate modeling with HFSS (or other tools) for finite element analysis.
  • Proficient on transient analysis for material deform (external pressure or thermal stress), material internal defects, inner stress, thermal stress, regional thermal impulse, metal phase change and etc.
  • Known well on the DOE design for material analysis and mechanical experiment.
  • Has experience on hybrid interactive simulation between mechanical GD&T and optical parameter optimization.
  • Master degree in mechanical engineering is preferred; Minimum requirement of bachelor degree in mechanical engineering.
  • Other than optical industry, candidates from electronics industry with same mechanical precision requirement and using similar material can also be considered.
Chengdu or Shanghai or Wuhan or Shenzhen
Principle FAE Engineer

Job Description

Support Source Photonics product qualification and design win activity directly at the customer with an emphasis on handling issues associated with meeting customer specification, quality, and reliability requirements.

Visit customers to assess requirements for new products and communicate specification and feature trade-offs to PLM and R&D management internally.

Engage in discussion and respond to product specification, technical and quality questionnaires submitted by customers.

Drive cross functional teams internally to ensure samples are built on time and provide on-going technical support at the customer during qualification of the product.

Provide customer system design feedback to both marketing and engineering.

Prepare and deliver product application presentations to customers as appropriate.

Support includes applications advice, product recommendations, device testing/updating at customer site, technical problem resolution, and quality issue resolution.

Support customer Quality audits and follow-up to ensure closure of audit findings/action items.

Complete deep analysis, find root cause, and fix technical and quality issues at customer side.

Technical training, instruction, and support to other FAEs.

Work as a team member with other FAEs worldwide.

Job Requirements

  • Have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in product design of optical transceiver or optical communication system.
  • Have a deep understanding of optical transceiver function and design principles.
  • Be capable of independently troubleshooting technical issues, not only inside optical transceiver, but also between system and optical transceiver.
  • Have abundant experience on both of design and failure analysis.
  • Be familiar with MSA and ITU-T/IEEE standards.
  • Be familiar with optical transceiver manufacture process.
  • Be familiar with optical communication system, interface and application.
  • Be familiar with various test equipment and test methods.
  • Possess strong technical and verbal/written communication skills.
  • Possess excellent customer communication skills.
  • Be good at teamwork.
  • Be self-motivated to take initiative and possess an ability to work independently or in a team environment.
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree (Masters or PhD is a plus) in Engineering or Science.
Chengdu or Shanghai or Wuhan or Shenzhen
Senior OSA PD Engineer

Job Description

High coupling efficiency OSA design (Include TOSA/ROSA/BOSA/Tri-OSA etc.)

OSA new platform development.

OSA Life Cycle Maintain and Management.

Technical support cross team.

Follow design process, build samples, pilot run and production transfer.

Failure analysis, Optical design and manufacture process modeling.

Job Requirements

  • Over 3 years working experiences in OSA design and assembly.
  • Familiar with TOSA/ROSA/BOSA/Tri-OSA feature.
  • Familiar with mechanics, optics, structure and packaging in opt-electronic area.
  • Familiar with Epoxy, laser welding and other OSA manufacture process.
  • Good English verbal and written skills.
  • Master or above degree is preferred.
Senior PON PD Engineer

Job Description

Responsible for design, research, testing and debugging of PON OLT optical module. Also for design-related documents output and management.

Detailed circuit design, including IC selection and schematic drawing.

Work with EDA team on PCB layout.

Write firmware requirement and working with software team on FW debug.

Work with mechanical team on structure design and evaluation.

Lead and work together with software team on ATE test and debug.

Technical support for pilot run of optical module, work with NPIE/PE on manufacturing process design and improving.

Responsible for yield improvement and longtime technical support on production line.

Job Requirements

  • Be familiar with PON OLT burst circuit design including technologies, theories and standards of optical transceiver, have design test and verification independently.
  • Good responsivity and execution ability with independent skill on product line and customer issue support
  • Match and strict comply with company and product design process
  • Be good at PON burst circuit design, test and debug. More than 3 years’ relevant experience.
  • Be familiar with PON test system and instruments.
  • Knowledge on PON system and have relevant experience is a plus.
  • Be familiar with manufacturing process and have experience on volume run technical support is better.
  • Bachelor degree or above. Good English skill in writing and reading
Senior 100G PD Engineer

Job Description

Responsible for the module hardware design, cooperate with other teams (OSA, Mechanics, Firmware, Software, NPIE, etc) to market release the product on time per schedule.

Responsible for the transceiver architecture design, draft the requirement for other teams (OSA, Mechanics, Firmware, Software, etc.)

Responsible for the transceiver detail design (schematics, PCB), and get the design good documented per process requirement.

Take charge of quality control of the product in the whole development process, tracking the EVT/DVT/RT. Responsible for troubleshooting and fixing the quality issue in the whole lifecycle of product.

Take charge of the advanced project (100G or higher bit rate) transferring from US. Make the product manufactural in mass production in CD.

Technically support PE and production line to improve the yield and capacity of the product.

Technically support FAE team, fix all the technical problems reported by customer.

Job Requirements

  • 3 years or longer experiences.
  • Master degree or higher.
  • Fluent English communication.
  • Familiar with RF circuitry/layout design.
  • Be good at analog/digital circuitry design.