Mobile Broadband

The broad and rapidly increasing penetration of smart phones and other mobile connected devices is fueling one of the fastest growing markets for optical communication interfaces. Mobile carriers globally are deploying 3G, LTE, and LTE-Advanced infrastructure to meet subscriber demand for bandwidth and connectivity. The bandwidth offered by these standards is predominantly enabled by optical links between the base stations and the radio antenna units. Besides the superior bandwidth capability, optical front-haul offers longer reach and lower power requirement. This adds to greater deployment flexibility and lower cost for the carrier.

As the market leader in optical components for wireless networks, Source Photonics offers a comprehensive product portfolio. This includes power efficient and temperature hardened transceivers based on the CPRI standard, as well as customized interfaces for deployments in networks with existing fiber plant and fiber resource constraints. The products are based on internally developed and manufactured optical components, enabling market-leading flexibility and capability to support the full range of requirements for this fast growing application.

Bi-directional SFP

Part NumberData RateTransmitterReceiverWavelength (nm) Tx/RxReach (km)Temperature Range Data sheet
SPL-34/43-MR-IR1-xDFQ 6.144Gb/s~10.1 Gb/sDFBPIN1270/133010IN/A
SPPL-RO/OR-XE-BD-IDFF 6.144Gb/s~10.1 Gb/sDFBAPD1270/133030,40IN/A
SPPL-RO/OR-XE-EBX-xDFF 6.144Gb/s~10.1 Gb/sDFBPIN1270/133020C, IN/A
SPL-35/53-MR-IR1-xDFP 622 Mb/s~3.072 Gb/sDFBPIN1310/155015IN/A


Part NumberData RateTransmitterReceiverWavelength (nm) Tx/RxReach (km)Temperature Range Data sheet
SPC-MR-EIR-xxIDFB 614 Mb/s-2.457 Gb/sDFBPIN1271~161140IN/A
SP-MR-IR1-IDFD 614 Mb/s~2.457 Gb/sDFBPIN131015I
SP-MR-SR1-IDFD 614 Mb/s~2.457 Gb/sFPPIN13102I


Part NumberData RateTransmitterReceiverWavelength (nm) Tx/RxReach (km)Temperature Range Data sheet
SPPC-8F-LR-45IDFF 6.25Gb/sDFBPIN145120IN/A
SPPC-8F-LR-43IDFF 6.25Gb/sDFBPIN143120IN/A
SPPC-8F-LR-37IDFF 6.25Gb/sDFBPIN137120IN/A
SPPC-8F-LR-35IDFF 6.25Gb/sDFBPIN135120IN/A
SPPC-8F-LR-33IDFF 6.25Gb/sDFBPIN133120IN/A
SPPC-8F-LR-31IDFF 6.25Gb/sDFBPIN131120IN/A
SPPC-8F-LR-29IDFF 6.25Gb/sDFBPIN129120IN/A
SPP-8F-LR-IDFR 1.25~6.25 Gb/sFPPIN13102IN/A
SPP-8F-LR-IDFF 1.25~6.25 Gb/sDFBPIN131015I
SPP-10E-LR-xDFR 10.3 Gb/sFPPIN13101.4C, E
SPPC-8F-LR-27IDFF 6.25Gb/sDFBPIN127120IN/A
SPP-10E-LR-IDFF 10.1 Gb/sDFBPIN131010I