Our Technology

Source Photonics has developed a range of key technologies and capabilities to meet the requirements of a broad global customer base across a wide range of applications and networks. Our micro-optics integration technology enables multi-channel products up to 100Gb/s on a highly cost-effective platform. In-house internal optical chip R&D and manufacturing capabilities are key for both high-volume Fiber-to-the-Premise and wireless access network applications, and high-performance 40Gb/s and100Gb/s interfaces.
> In-house laser transmitter (DFB, EML) and receiver (PIN, APD) technology and manufacturing
> Temperature-hardened components for outdoor operation or applications in high-density systems
> Micro-optics packaging and integration for high-efficiency and high-speed operation
> Parallel and WDM integrated multi-channel optics
> Advanced fiber-optic CATV receiver technology and volume manufacturing
> Module and sub-system integration up to 100Gb/s