Our Solutions

Source Photonics designs, manufactures, and sells a comprehensive line of optical communication products. Our products are designed to meet increasing bandwidth requirements throughout the network, from the datacenters delivering services and content, through the carriers’ transport networks, to the mobile and fixed-line broadband access networks.


Source Photonics has developed a range of key technologies and capabilities to meet the requirements of a broad global customer base across a wide range of applications and networks. Our micro-optics integration technology enables multi-channel products up to 100Gb/s on a highly cost-effective platform. In-house optical chip R&D and manufacturing capabilities are key for both high-volume Fiber-to-the-Premise and wireless access network applications, and high-performance 40Gb/s and100Gb/s interfaces.

Customer Relationships

Source Photonics is a major supplier to Tier 1 network OEM’s and datacenter operators worldwide. We use our global scale to drive cost efficiencies and our global presence to expand customer reach. Our strategic sales locations also allow us to provide 24/7 customer support.

Operational Efficiency

Source Photonics operates a global manufacturing network inclusive of optical chips, optical sub-assemblies, and transceivers assembly. All operations utilize our Source Management System (SMS) a proprietary toolset based on LEAN principles. The co-location of our volume manufacturing lines with R&D teams enable us to quickly and efficiently ramp new products to volume. Our internal source of critical components allows fast time-to-market of next-generation, high-performance, and cost effective solutions.

Vertical Integration

Source Photonics is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of optical components, developing and manufacturing the key optical chip technology in-house. Our internal capabilities include all the steps from semiconductor wafer manufacturing, chip processing, packaging, to integration in modules and sub-systems. Vertical integration with internal device R&D and manufacturing enables us to deliver innovative fiber optic communication products based on critical components from our own foundry with full control of quality, delivery, and cost. It also enables fast time-to-market for our products and innovation throughout the design and manufacturing process. This promotes Source Photonics’ ability to meet changing customer requirements, enhance production processes and shorten product development cycles.

Source Lean Quality (SLQ) System

Source Photonics puts high priority on quality and continuous improvement in everything that we do to better serve our customers. Our Source Lean Quality System (SLQ) is the foundation of our company and defines our operating culture that ensures world-class quality in our products and processes.

SLQ is built on three main elements:

1. Culture and philosophy based on lean management;
2. A set of tools that helps the organization identify process improvements,
solve problems, and assist with decision making processes; and;
3. The competency, commitment and involvement of the entire organization.